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D.I.Y. Packages F.A.Q.

This is the F.A.Q. related to our D.I.Y. Packages! It includes the topic of packages contents, software, materials, purchases, payment and shipping. All questions related to technical support and troubleshooting are not included. If you have any query and couldn't find the answer here, please feel free to contact us.

  • What is D.I.Y. Packages?

    D.I.Y. stands for "Do It Yourself". Our D.I.Y. packages are specially designed self-learning kit for people who serious in lenticular production. It is not a children learning book or academic reference but a complete set of package contains comprehensive handbook, professional software (if included), working examples, and testing materials. We also included our valuable training experiences and production tricks in our packages so you have 100% successful learning.
  • What is different between D.I.Y. Packages and Trainings?

    D.I.Y. is low cost solution in lenticular production learning. It takes longer time for self-study and you can follow the instructions to work. Usually, we will offer additional topics in trainings and the topics required training in person. But overall, the contents of D.I.Y packages are the same as trainings except practices of trainings is more effective. The software update, content update, online resources access and technical support are the same.
  • What is FREE learning programme for D.I.Y. Packages or Trainings?

    The free learning programme is an offer for new customer only (or existing customer purchase another package). The programme offer full deduction of the D.I.Y. Package or Trainings purchased. There is no time limit for this offer so you will definitly get 100% refund of the cost you paid for D.I.Y. Packages.
  • Can I use the lenticular systems included in D.I.Y. package or training in Parallax Barrier (lensfree) ?

    The Parallax Barrier is similar to lenticular, it requires an interlaced image on bottom of a parallax barrier screen with a backlite background. This is NOT new technology (unlike other company said it's lensfree and fool people this is new). Our lenticular systems can also create the 3D images to be used in Parallax Barrier systems. The only different is the printing must be done in backlite film and you will put Parallax Barrier screen on top rather than lenticular.
  • Can I obtain trainings after purchased the D.I.Y. packages?

    Yes. we can provide training that related to the D.I.Y. Packages you purchased. You will also receive 50% discount on the trainings that corresponding to the packages. So, you make sure you can obtain our professional trainings if you decided after purchase of D.I.Y. Packages.
  • Can I obtain different language version of D.I.Y. Packages?

    The main and original version of D.I.Y. Package is written in English. We do have native translation of the handbook in Traditional / Simplified Chinese. For all other languages, we can provide computer translated version in file. But it is recommended to use English version since it is more accurate and we use simple and straight forward English writing.
  • How can I order / purchase D.I.Y. Packages?

    We provide online purchase of the packages with different package bundles. You can also send us email / letter / fax to buy our packages and make payment using one of the following way. But it is recommended to use online order with payment in paypal or western union since we can process your order immediately with out delay in money transfer.
  • What shipping options available and how long it takes?

    We included either EMS speedpost or Air parcel for the shipping of packages, sometimes we will use Aramex. Usually, the EMS speedpost and Aramex will take 4-6 days and Air parcel will take 5-10 days. Air parcel and EMS speedpost shipping is offered by Hong Kong Post office. They also provide a tracking of packages we sent . But for some countries that have higher chance that the package will lost during shipping. It is recommended to use Aramex or Fedex with additional charge. You are also welcomed to provide your forwarder and your account details to arrange flight collect shipping and there is no management fees for such arrangement.
  • How can I make payment?

    We accept payment using paypal, western union and T/T money transfer. If you make payment using T/T money transfer through your banker, please use full payment option and keep in mind you have to pay the bankers fees for both ends.
  • Can I cancel the order and get full refund?

    We can only accept full refund after purchase of package before shipping is done. It is also subject to the full payment is received. The refund will based on the actual payment amount we received with deduction of charges we paid and cost of return the payment. Paypal payment would be 5% of the amount you paid. Western Union would be 5% and T/T bank transfer would be actual payment received and deduction of US$50 for sending money back.
  • Where can I get more lenticular materials?

    You can obtain materials from us or from any supplier you like. There is no limitation in our system or software. You can visit our lenticular materials supply.
  • Can I get permission to resell D.I.Y. Packages or trainings?

    Yes, we always looking for opportunities to expand the sales. You are welcomed to discuss and make offers to become distributor of our packages, trainings and materials. We are open for any terms and conditions discussion.
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