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Lenticular Materials - Adhesive Resin (Glue) and Self Adhesive Tape

We produce our own patented formular adhesive resin for paper to plastic sheets lamination and pressure sensitive optically clear double-sided adhesive tape for all you lenticular lamination needs.

  • P033 Adhesive resin (glue)

    P033 Adhesive resin (glue)

    * Special resin for paper to plastic sheet (Acrylic, PET, APET, PS, PVC) lamination
    * Suitable for manual or automatic lamination machine
    * Easy alignment after lamination (within 20-30 seconds)
    * Permanent lamination (10 years or more!)
    * Water proof / moisture resistant
    * Packing: 0.5Kg/bottle, 5Kg/bottle, 16.5Kg/can, 20-25 cans/pallet
    * Weight: (per can) N.W. 16.50Kg, G.W. 17Kg
    * M’ 24cm x 24cm x 35cm / can

    * Order accept for 60 cans or more!


  • P231-127 1.27M x 50M Clear double-sided adhesive tape

    P231-127 1.27M x 50M Clear double-sided adhesive tape

    * Super clear pressure sensitive double-sided tape
    * Low cost for mass lamination works
    * Ultra thin adhesive film (less than 0.1mm)
    * Suitable for all kinds of lens PP, PS, PET, PETGA, Acrylic, PVC, etc
    * Suitable for all kinds of printing media backlit film, Photo paper, Plastic film
    * Packing: 1 roll/carton
    * Weight: N.W. 13Kg, G.W. 14kg, 1 Sq. Meter = 0.189Kg
    * M' 15cm x 15cm x 128cm

    -> If you need to order adhesive in bulk, you can press "Add" to increase your order by one meter square.

    P231-127BSAdhesive tape1 M.Sq.US$8/M.Sq.Add item Delete item
    P231-127SAdhesive tape1 rollUS$325/rollAdd item Delete item
    P231-127AAdhesive tape2 rollsUS$310/rollAdd item Delete item
    P231-127BAdhesive tape3 rollsUS$300/rollAdd item Delete item
    P231-127CAdhesive tape5 rollsUS$290/rollAdd item Delete item
    P231-127DAdhesive tape10 rollsUS$280/rollAdd item Delete item
    P231-127EAdhesive tape20 rollsUS$270/rollAdd item Delete item



* All prices are EX. FACTORY (except specified) and subject to final confirmation.
* For larger quantity order, please contact us for best price quotation.
* Additional charges may apply on customer size cutting and packing.
* You can order samples packs at HERE

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