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We offer fastest online order of lenticular materials, supplements, tools, sample packs and D.I.Y. packages. We can arrange shipping worldwide and accept Paypal, Western Union, and bank transfer payment. Once we received your payment in FULL, we will arrange your order within two working days. Any questions about ordering, please visit F.A.Q. and Ordering Information for more details.

  • Order Info

    Ordering Information

    Information about placing orders online or by email / fax, shipping methods, packing, payment and terms and conditions.


  • Sample Pack Order

    Sample Packs

    We offer different kinds of samples from small size sample pack, self-adhesive tape sample, adhesive resin (glue) sample, printed lenticular sheet samples and full size lens sample pack for quality inspection and sample prints.


  • Lenticular Materials

    Lenticular Materials

    We supply different lenticular materials - 3D25LPI lens, 50LPI lens, 75LPI lens, 85LPI lens, 100LPI lens, optiocally clear adhesive-tape, adhesive resin for manual and automatic laminator, manual laminator from 60cm to 1.6M. We have our partnership company in Taiwan and China to provide direct sales of lenticular materials to worldwide.


  • 3D Lens for Facesee.com 3D Display

    3D Lens for Facesee.com 3D Display

    Facesee.com is the largest online 3D photos display with varies 3D viewing method including lenticular screen. We provide varies high quality lenticular screen to be used in mobile phone, iphone, ipad, tablet, digital frame, LCD monitor, LCD TV and Plasma TV.



* All prices are EX. FACTORY (except specified) and subject to final confirmation.
* For larger quantity order, please contact us for best price quotation.
* Additional charges may apply on customer size cutting and packing.
* You can order samples packs at HERE

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  • Ordering F.A.Q.

    Frequently Asked Questions of ordering.

  • Trainings F.A.Q.

    Frequently Asked Questions of certified lenticular trainings.

  • D.I.Y. Packages

    D.I.Y. packages that cover all kinds of lenticular productions with more than 60 lenticular effects.

  • Lenticular Effects Display

    More than 60 unique lenticular effects that can be mixed upto 1000 effects combinations. Some of the effects are only available in our system.

  • Lenticular Usages and Applications

    Lenticular products applications such as badges, name cards, postcards, display, posters, billboard, mural, stickers, packing, mouse pad, placemats, etc.

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