Printed Soft Plastic Sheet Production Plant

NS-LP200B Multi-purpose Soft Plastic Embossing Machine NS-LP200B
Printed plastic sheets and printed lenticular sheets are widely used in plastic items productions such as plastic bags, pencil case, purses, stickers, badges, small cards, garments, shoes, tags and more. The turnovers of printed soft plastic sheets and printed soft lenticular sheets are more than 50 millions dollars per year. Usually, they must be done by plastic printing specialist. But now you can use our embossing system with normal paper press or from any 3rd party paper printing to produce high quality printed plastic / lenticular sheets. It also gives normal paper printers an additional way to produce printed soft plastic without huge investment. The plastic products manufactures can also do their own printed soft plastic / lenticular sheets production. See varies plastic sheets made by this machine below and it's related products...

* Paper or plastic offset printers
* Soft plastic products manufacturers
* Lenticular products manufacturers
* Establishment of new business with or without offset printing

* Miniumm 100 sq. meters
* 3-4 workers, optional 1-2 designer
* 380V 3-phrase power, good ventilated or air conditioned warehouse
* Optional offset printing department

* Embossing size around 18" x 22" (450mm x 550mm)
* Typical embossing speed 120-180 sheet/hr (1200 sheets/day)
* Embossing machine can run 24 hrs non-stop
* Electricty consumption approximate 40Amp/hr (380V)

* Once order is confirmed, a deposit 50% prepaid
* It will take about 4 weeks to build a new machine and ready for test and delivery
* Test drive of our machine will be done in our factory in China for 2 days
* All expenses for testing the system in our factory is included (max. 2 persons)
* Balance payment should be done after testing and before shipping
* Complete system will be shipped in a standard 20' container

Production Plant

NS-LP200B Package content

Embossing System NS-LP200B
 16" x 22" embossing bed with 2000N pressure
84LPI Embossing plate 2 pcs
 Standard soft plastic lenticular embossing plate for more than 800,000 embossing
Gluing and sheet cutting unit
For pre-processing of soft plastic materials
Testing materials
For test run machine including glue, pre-processed plastic & printed paper. Total about 200Kg
Operational training and test drive
Test run the machine you ordered in our factory (all cost for 2 person from Hong Kong to our China factory inclusive)
Export package
Standard 20' container packing
Optional Lenticular Production Trainings or D.I.Y. Package
For different bundle packages are listed on right.

Production Plant Summary

  • NS-LP200B

    Embossing Machine NS-LP200B

    This embossing machine is the 3rd generation design machine designed by New Systems Company. It is a high speed, durable and cost effective system that can run year by year without parts replacement but only oil changes.

  • Embossing Plate

    Embossing Plates

    There are two 84LPI embossing plates included in the system. The embossing plates is made by high quality metal with special coating. It is durable and each embossing plate can do about 500,000 - 800,000 sheets plastic embossing.

  • Gluing and Sheet Cutting unit

    Gluing and Sheets Cutting unit

    The gluing and sheet cutting unit is one of the major part in our system. You can pre-process the sheets in advance and store for future use. It is one of the most cost effective process in soft lenticular sheet or plastic sheet making system.

  • Operation Training and Test Drive

    Operation Training and Test Drive

    We offer operation training of machine including basic machine setup, normal operation, mould replacement and installation, pressure adjustment and alignment adjustment in our factory in China. You will test drive the machine that you ordered in about 1 month after deposit payment. We will also introduce different kinds of lenticular production in our factory so you have brief idea what and how you operate your own production plant. All charges from Hong Kong to our factory in China are included (hotel, travel and food. Maximum 2 persons).

  • Packing and Shipping

    Packing and Shipping

    Once the operation training and test drive of the machine is done. We will proceed with packing and shipping. The complete system is packed inside a standard 20' container with strong wiring to fix the position. It is possible to order extra testing materials to be shipped at the same time. Then, we can arrange shipping and insurance worldwide.

  • Support

    Free Technical Support / 1 year parts warranty

    We provide technical support via email / fax or telephone and update of our software. And we provide 1 year major parts warranty of the complete systems (shipping of parts are not included). All technical support, update of software, are free of charge for one year from the time of purchase.

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