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T2. Lenticular Production Training

Lenticular ProductionThis is the main training for all kinds of lenticular productions. This fundamental training contains 3D theory, lenticular theory, lenticular image creation with different lenticular effects (please see the lenticular effects included in this training on right section), LenPC™ / LenPitch™ software with HQ (The world only High Quality lenticular image processing), lenticular printing using ink-jet printing / offset printing, lenticular film setting / color separation, lenticular lamination / cutting, etc. We also include lenticular business / marketing discussion as well as different lenticular products. You will also receive valuable advises of your business plan, so you can maximize your profit with minimal investment. You can start your lenticular business faster, lower your starting cost and work better. We had provide this training to more than 120 clients worldwide over the past few years. This is the best training for you to start lenticular productions and your success is 100% guaranteed!

* All kinds of lenticular productions
* Designers, Offset printers (paper or plastic printing), Sign makers
* Or any individuals and all other lenticular productions learning

* PC based computer with Pentium III or higher running XP, ME, NT, Vista or Win7
* 2G RAM, 10G free Hard Disk Space
* Optional CD/DVD writer and flatbed scanner
* Mac user can run Photoshop on Mac and LenPC™ / LenPitch™ on PC with bootcamp installed
* Basic knowledge in Photoshop, Photography, Film setting and Ink-jet/Offset printing
* No prerequist is required for attend this training but basic knowledge of Photoshop, Digital imaging and Photography knowledge is recommended.

* 4 days (6 hrs per day)

* US$4000
* Enrollment with deposit 50% in advance
* We also provide on-site training width small fees depends on your location such as allowance, travel, accommandation and food.

Training Contents

T2 Training content

Lenticular Production Handbook
LenPC™ and LenPitch™ with NewSoftLock™
Working Examples with 60 Lenticular Effects
Adhesive-Resin 2kg with Plastic Kettle 2 pcs
Plastic Sheet Cutting Tool
24" (600mm) Manual Laminator
Offset Printed Examples
Optically Clear Double-side Adhesive Tapes
Direct Offset Printed Examples
Sample Lenticular Film-setting Output
Varies Printed Lenticular Samples
Varies LPI Lenticular Sheets Samples
Free 1 year Technical Support
Free M2. Lenticular XCoder D.I.Y. Package (worth US$990)

Training Summary

  • Lenticular Production Handbook

    Lenticular Production Handbook

    This package includes the latest version of "Lenticular Production Handbook", which cover 3D and lenticular theory, lenticular image creation, lenticular filmsetting and color separation / CTP knowhow, lenticular printing using ink-jet and offset printing, lenticular lamination using glue and self-adhesive tape and other production tricks. It is a complete production handbook with our training knowhow and knowledge.

  • Lenticular Software

    Lenticular Software - LenPC™ & LenPitch™

    The LenPC™ software is the fastest, accurate (up to 5 decimal places in mm) and the only lenticular software with HQ (High Quality) lenticular image composition software you can find in the market. There are some features of LenPC™ software listed below.
    1. Able to use 2 frames - 99 frames image composition
    2. The maximum output pixels are 30,000 x 30,000 pixels
    3. Using bmp file for input / output to achieve lossless and fastest file access (> 50M/b per second)
    4. Unique HQ algorithm (High Quality) processing so you will get sharpest image compare to all other existings lenticular systems you can get from market
    5. Unlimited LPI / pitch settings (can use all lens sheets you found in market
    6. Use profiles setting system to save time with just one click and go
    7. Can be run in a Mac with bootcamp installed
    8. Able to work in any window systems (Win95, Win98, WinNT, WinMe, WinXP, Vista, Win7

  • Lenticular Effects

    Lenticular Effects

    As you know lenticular effects are the major attractiveness in lenticular products. We developed more than 60 unique lenticular effects that you can use in lenticular and the total combinations of those effects can be up to 800. And we are keep developing new effects and you are eligible to obtain new effects that belongs to your package or training. And many of those unique effects are exclusively being created in our systems only. The lenticular effects included in this package on right side under section "Lenticular Effects List". Or you can find Complete Lenticular Effects Display here.

  • Training Materials

    Training Materials

    This package include the materials for you to understand different lenticular sheets and work with our examples, such as 24" Manual Laminator, 1Kg (2 bottles) of glue, plastic kettles, lens cutter, self-adhesive tape, offset printed lenticular samples, ink-jet printed lenticular samples and varies lenticular sheets.

  • Technical Support

    Free Technical Support / Update

    We provide technical support via email / fax or telephone and update of our software. You can also visit Technical Support sections to review some typical technical problems you  may encountered during your production. All technical support, update of software, are free of charge for one year from the time of purchase.

  • Google Translate

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Lenticular Effects List

  • The lenticular effects and examples for DIY package and trainings are shown below.

  • (100) 3D Effects

    101. Layered 3D
    102. Gradient 3D
    103. 2-View Layered 3D
    104. Transparent 3D
    151. Variation 3D
    152. Masked 3D Layers
    153. Repeated Pattern 3D
    154. Volumetric 3D (2D->3D)

  • (180) 3D Photography

    181. 3D Computer Graphics
    182. Real world 3D Photo
    183. Mixed Real World and Layered 3D
    184. 2-View Real World 3D

  • (200) Flip Effects

    201. 2-View Flips (Flip flop)
    202. 3-View Flips
    203. Partial Flips
    204. Asynchronous Flips
    251. Swap Flips
    252. Frame Jumping Flips

  • (300) Color Effects

    301. Color Flips
    302. Cycling Colors
    303. Invert Colors
    304. Selective Color Flip
    305. Color-B/W Smooth Transition
    306. Color-B/W Flip
    307. Color Highlight
    308. Color Fade
    309. Color Burst
    310. Brightness Change
    311. Color Hue Swap

  • (400) Motion Effects

    401. Linear Zoom
    402. Uneven Zoom
    403. Zoom Restored
    404. Compress Left-Right
    405. Compress Top-Down
    406. Cycling Pattern Rotation
    407. Repeated Object Rotation
    408. Twisted
    409. Turning
    410. Turning Flips
    411. Objects Explosion
    412. Particles Explosion
    413. Pendulum
    451. Text Wave Motion
    452. Text Tracking
    453. Turbulent Displace
    454. Radiation Rotation
    455. Repeated Pattern Turning
    456. Repeated Pattern Async. Turning
    457. Repeated Pattern Continuous Turning

  • (500) Animation Effects

    501. Animation / Motion Pictures
    502. 2-View Morphing
    503. Object Morphing
    504. Lightening
    505. Scrolling LED
    551. 3-View Morphing
    552. Repeated Animation
    553. Repeated Objects Animation

  • (600) Misc Effects

    601. 2-View QR-Code
    602. Flash Text
    651. Iris Rotation Wipe
    652. Iris Zoom Wipe

  • (800) XCoder Effects

    801. Simple Decode
    802. Simple Color Decode
    803. Double Decode
    804. Partial Decode
    805. Image Decode
    806. Flip Decode

  • (900) Anaglyph Effects

    901. 3D Real world Anaglyph (B/W Anaglyph)
    902. 3D Real world Color Anaglyph (preserve color information)
    903. Layered 3D Anaglyph (Color Anaglyph)
    904. The Analux-3d anaglyph (Color Anaglyph)

  • (A00) Misc Examples

    A01. Framing Example
    A02. 3D Depth Chart
    A03. Film setting example 75LPI
    A04. Film setting example 50LPI

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